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When is the best time to stay overnight at the Pic du Midi?

by | 22 Nov 2019 | An unusual moment, They share

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Spending a night at the Pic du Midi is something exceptional!



A very special atmosphere

To put it bluntly, I would say: “Any time!” Spending the night at the Pic du Midi is something exceptional. Of course, you can enjoy a visit to the museum and the view when you arrive at whatever time you choose, and then the other visitors leave the Pic. This is when the “caillou” (rock) regains its unique atmosphere of a ship resting on the peaks.

As part of a small group, you will get to meet the people who work at the peak, including technicians and astronomers. An activity leader will be your guide, helping you share in a unique experience: discover the remarkable history of the Pic, enjoy private tours of the scientific area (the Bernard Lyot telescope is very impressive!), astonishing anecdotes and a proper gourmet dinner at the peak.

©Paul Compere
©Camille Espigat

Immerse yourself!

When the weather is fine, the cherry on the cake (or rather the cherries as there are two things which make it perfect) is the sunset from the Baillaud terrace and stargazing from the terraces or the Charvin dome. It is difficult to predict the weather at an altitude of 2,800 m especially when you have to book several months in advance, but that’s the risk you have to take!

Whether you can stargaze or not, and whether there is a beautiful sunset or not, there is one motto when you’re at the peak: immerse yourself! Make the most of the site and its atmosphere. My advice to do just that is to use and abuse one of your privileges as an overnight guest at the Pic du Midi: explore the over 6 km of corridors spread over 6 levels! There is something to discover around every corner: an old photo hung on the wall, an explanation of a moment in history or an unexpected meeting.

Winter is the best time

Well, if I have to answer the question asked: “when is the best time to stay overnight at the Pic du Midi?” I would say that winter is best for true astronomy enthusiasts as deep space reveals itself when it is very cold.

All you need to do is wrap up warm to enjoy it to the fullest – the temperature is guaranteed to be below zero! However, there is something that you can predict when booking: the presence of the moon. No matter the season, take a look at the lunar calendar and choose the nights near the new moon when the moon is less bright as that’s when you see the most!

©Roger Rovira Rius


  • The Pic du Midi peaks at 2,877 metres above sea level
  • 12 double rooms and 3 single rooms
  • Provide warm clothing for entertainment
  • The tasting menu is included in your package
  • More information: here

Your night at the Pic du Midi

A unique and exceptional discover

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