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Tobogganing in Grand Tourmalet

Tobogganing is pure enjoyment. Get your family or friends together for good times on the toboggan run and more besides. Tobogganing is one of those simple joys that is best shared with everyone –young and old alike. You don’t need much: a pair of boots, a toboggan and good snow cover and it’s time to have some fun!

A breath of fresh air for the whole family

How about getting out in the snow?

When it has snowed, every hill becomes a playground that you can launch yourself off of in your own way. Little toboggans, big toboggans, mini round toboggans, triangle sledges, shovel-shaped sledges, snow scooters or good old-fashioned wooden toboggans –there’s a toboggan for everyone, and everyone has their own way of sliding, picking up speed and whirling! You’re never too old or too young to hurtle down the slopes and burst out laughing when
you end up at the bottom the right way up or back-to-front!

Heaps of fresh air and laughter

You’ll be spoilt for choice in Payolle: it is a free area. Try your hand at tobogganing in whichever spot you fancy! Watch out though, seeing these vast snow-covered spaces can have some
unexpected effects: you might suddenly get the desire to roll around in the fresh snow or to make a snowman. In Payolle, you can give in to your every whim and fully express the joy of being together! When you get a bit hungry, suggest a tasty break – it’s bound to have a snowball effect!

Tobogganing at the Grand Tourmalet : in La Mongie

To satisfy all your tobogganing desires, a safe space is accessible all day in La Mongie.
You can also go tobogganing after spending the day skiing in the resort: La Mongie offers free access to the Tapis Tremplin lift all season during the “night-time”, between 5.30 p.m. and
6.30 p.m.

In practice, this means you can enjoy as many descents as possible without getting tired of pulling the toboggan back up the run! If you don’t have the necessary equipment, there are two options: sit on a bin bag (provided that you’re very careful and don’t leave bits of plastic in your wake) or, a more “pro” and easier-to-handle option: rent a toboggan from any of the sports shops!

It’s proven, you won’t be able to stop yourself from bursting out laughing when tobogganing. On your marks, get set, slide! Another fantastic opportunity to bond as a family.

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