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Ski touring in the Pyrenees

Ski touring is an escape into the heart of the mountains in touch with nature. It also involves discovering untouched snow-covered landscapes whose beauty creates a sense of intense tranquillity. Another nice thing about ski touring is that you can experience the pleasures of skiing on ungroomed snow alone or with only your friends for company.

Choose your itinerary

There is a vast playground in Tourmalet Pic du Midi starting near the Grand Tourmalet La Mongie resort and stretching to the peaks overlooking the Vallée de Campan, Vallée de Lesponne and Vallée de Payolle. Our valleys offer a diverse range of itineraries: you can enjoy ski mountaineering anywhere where there is snow and a slight slope! The most famous and well-used peaks and routes include La Montagnette via the Val d’Arizes, the Pic de Crabe, the Soum de Coste Oueillère: via the Cabanes de Camoudiet and the Pic des 4 Termes, among a whole host of others! To discover ski touring, Grand Tourmalet Barèges La Mongie offers 3 routes: 2 La Mongie slopes and 1 Barèges slope.

A fascinating panorama


Another side to skiing

Ski touring involves exploring mountain or high-mountain itineraries, in one or several ascents and descents, using skis where the heels are free for ascents (a bit like crosscountry skis) and fixed during descents (like in alpine skiing). For ascents, the ski tourer attaches strips (known as skins because they resemble sealskin) to the bottom of their skis to stop them from sliding backwards. It is the ideal way to get around in hilly snow-covered environments (flat countries prefer Nordic skiing) because the skis give you traction on the snow, enabling you to climb some sometimes very steep slopes. You remove the self-adhesive skins for descents, for an experience similar to any other off-piste descent. Ski mountaineering quickly becomes an addiction! There are a few reasons for this:

The intoxication of the descent in fabulous untouched settings

The pleasure of the effort exerted during the ascents when everyone goes at their own pace according to their level: beginner’s ski touring, family, technical outings or extreme skiing.

The companionship of extraordinary experiences shared at the peak between friends.

The freedom of access to the sites, if everyone respects some simple safety rules and uses common sense.


                  SECURITY POINT

Always respectful of nature, the only mark ski tourers leave is their prints in the snow…

To know

     .   quip the trio DVA, shovel, probe
     .   take a good look at the weather
  • To enjoy it safely, go with a guide

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