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Are you looking for a new kind of thrill from a snow sport where you are guided by the bond between a musher and their dogs? Set off on a dog sled and discover your inner trapper! A radically different way to explore the wide open snow-covered spaces of the Pyrenees mountains.

An outing in a dog sled, an unforgettable experience

Comfortably settled on the sled, snuggled under the blankets, open your eyes and ears wide, the team will start to move… Enjoy a special experience as a family with the sled dogs. The musher, trained and qualified in running a dog team, will share their passion and life with you.

Working with animals requires a high level of commitment. You have to take care of the dogs and their hard-working paws and be attentive to their food and health every day. You can try to get yourself adopted by the dogs from the Far North too and be amazed by the world of dog sledding. driver a Feel free to lend your hand with looking after the dogs and enjoy a moment of pure happiness all together! Because this activity is accessible to all and has the Tourisme et Handicap (disabled tourism) label.

©JN Herranz

An outing in a dog sled, an unforgettable experience

Payolle and La Mongie are some of the best spots to go dog sledding in the Pyrenees mountains.




Payolle for an excursion into the heart of wild, wide open snow-covered spaces, on the plateaus of untouched snow, through a forest of spectacular fir trees…

La Mongie

 La Mongie for an outing around the resort, after the day’s skiing, with a view of the resort which lights up at nightfall.

Want to take the reins?

Is the simple introduction to dog sledding not enough for you? Do you want more?

The professional mushers in Grand Tourmalet have plenty more to say and will be thrilled to invite you even further into their world. You can choose to head off for a half-day or a day trip or for even longer if you’re a real adventurer!

If you are in good shape, you can also take part in an introduction to mushing and drive the dog sled. Engaging your whole body, this sport requires balance but also an ability to create a bond of trust with the dogs. Because here, the motor is the power and astounding vitality of the dogs and their joy and excitement to get moving. But it is also and above all the authority of the musher and the main team member: the lead dog! This authority is based on a very strong emotional bond forged by daily care and petting.

©JN Herranz

The sled dogs await in Payolle and La Mongie for a family outing or an introductory mushing experience. Book your outing in a dog sled in the Pyrenees mountains now: it is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives!

Attelage Altitude

Elodie, the experience of a graduate and passionate musher

Traîneaux Pyrénéens

Ingrid will guide you through this beautiful Payolle site.


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3 allée Tournefort 65200

05 62 95 50 71

Qualité Tourisme Office de tourisme classé catégorie 1 Label Tourisme & Handicap


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