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The Pic du Midi de Bigorre

Between heaven and earth, the Pic du Midi de Bigorre is the must-see in the Pyrenees: its large terraces perched at 2,877 meters above sea level offer a unique panorama over the entire Pyrenean chain and over much of Occitania.

A starry universe at the Pic du Midi

After a majestic climb by cable car, you are transported to the forefront of the Pyrenees. Let yourself be transported into the universe of high mountains and astronomy, to a place that mixes beauty of natural elements and strength of human will: the Pic du Midi galaxy.

A truly memorable adventure at the Pic du Midi

 During the day or at night, come and be spellbound by the sheer expanse of pure sky and majestic view from this Grand Site Occitanie Breathe deeply and open your eyes wide, for it’s not every day you find yourselves face-to-face with such awe-inspiring scenery. Toposcopes, viewpoint panels and a team of guides are available to inform you as you take in this 360° panorama and its landmarks: Roland’s breach, Monte Perdido, Néouvielle, Montaigu… With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to watch chamois, vultures and even bearded vultures in action. Will you pluck up the courage to venture out along the pontoon in the sky – a 12 metre walkway which seems as if it’s suspended in thin air?


Provisional opening

  • Grand Tourmalet Barèges La Mongie station


COVID INFO: The health pass is mandatory

1 - A spectacular ascent

The cable car transports you smoothly and safely to the summit. The trip lasts 15 minutes. The magic is already operating, the gaze does not know where to land …


2 - Enter the world of Pic du Midi

To immerse yourself in the history and heritage of the site, have a wander around the planetarium. You will interactively discover the contribution of researchers from the Pic du Midi observatory to scientific research, in particular on knowledge of the sun, cosmic rays, stars, the atmosphere, meteorites …

3 - Dive into the history of the Peak

Continue your visit with an augmented reality experience using the Histopad iPad: delve into the history of the observatory thanks to the virtual reconstruction of how the site once looked and see the stages of its construction… You can even visualize the stages of its construction …

4 - Enjoy a contemplative lunch break

To round your visit off on a high note, why not treat yourself to a traditional meal in the summit’s restaurant, with a view over the mountains, before settling into one of the deckchairs with a coffee.⁣⁣span, lb⁣⁣ Bar options and quick bites are also available.

5 - Treat yourself to a cinema session like no other.

Beneath the dome of the planetarium, embark on a journey through space and time… A timeless and unique experience that plunges us into the stars.

From sun to stars ...

At dusk, the sky darkens, the ocean of mountains changes, and the “starship” begins its course. Here, the sky is particularly pure and protected from light pollution.


After a delicious dinner, dive into the stars. Astronomers and scientists are there to guide you with passion in observing constellations and planets.


Stars in the sun ...

The next day, in the early hours of the morning, you will want to stop time when the sun rises over the Pyrenees. And who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to overlook the sea of ​​clouds?


A night at the Pic

Magic and stars in the eyes

The Pic in family

A day at the summit!

An absolutely magical freeride ski spot

The Pic du Midi is not only a Mecca for astronomy. It is also a very popular spot for extreme sports: trail, mountain biking, hiking … In winter, freeride skiing on the slopes of the Pic is quite simply an unforgettable experience! The Pic freeride area offers you a vast playground, with several descents, some of which are linked to the Grand Tourmalet ski area.


From the top, choose your side: La Mongie or Barèges. You can also stop at the Taoulet cable car station to discover other off-piste routes, each more grandiose than the next. Without facilities or markers, these descents are not secure: they are reserved for seasoned skiers and snowboarders, with suitable equipment and a good knowledge of the mountain. To fully enjoy the sensations of this exceptional freeride, the best is still to be accompanied by a professional guide.


At the dawn of night, at the edge of the day and night worlds, time stands still at the Pic du Midi. At nearly 3000 meters above sea level, the colors are expressed in all their splendor, the reliefs are sublimated, then the first starlights appear. To attend this bewitching spectacle – accompanied by scientific explanations of what our eyes observe – the Pic du Midi visiting hours are extended during school holidays. An aperitif lounge on the viewpoint of the Pyrenees, what tempt you?


Prepare down jackets, warm shoes, gloves, sunglasses … And embark for the Pic du Midi de Bigorre! Splendid landscapes, a place of knowledge and magic for all!


  • Annual closure in May and November
  • Book your tickets online;)
  • More info on picdumidi.com

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3 allée Tournefort 65200

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