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Campan and Payolle is THE mountain spot on your doorstep for nature outings in all seasons


Come and stretch your legs amidst this rolling countryside! 

Nestling deep within Campan Valley, at the foot of the Col d’Aspin pass, Lake Payolle is surrounded by majestic pine forests and sweeping plateaux used as pastureland: an environment which has earned it the nickname “little Canada”.  

Payolle, where you can get your fill of the mountains!

Walks and hikes

In Payolle and its surroundings


In the forest, amidst venerable trees, with the moss-blanketed stones underfoot, beside the mountain stream.  Enjoy a lazy day on the lake’s banks with a picnic and then a nap in the peaceful, cool shade of the pine trees.

Drink in the stunning views

On the Pic du Midi, the Arbizon mountain range, the Arcouade and Pic d’Aneto, let your mind wander on the high-mountain grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Revel in the high mountain expanses

look around at the mountain plants and wildlife, all without having to be a keen walker. If the urge to run among the meadows and do cartwheels in the soft, bouncy grass suddenly comes over you – be our guest!

As a family

This is an ideal place for baby’s first trip to the mountains … as well as for Gran’s Sunday outing!

Want to explore further afield?

Venture a little bit further and you’ll be rewarded with breathtakingly gorgeous views

With the Hourquette d’Ancizan, Col d’Aspin and Col de Beyréde mountain passes… Payolle is a starting point for grandiose walks in the Pyrenees

During your walk...

Enjoy glimpses of past and present pastoral life: the courtaou of Esclozes, an old shepherds’ village partly renovated by enthusiasts, is a striking example of pastoral heritage, with a series of well-preserved leytés, stone constructions built to keep milk cool in times past… This is also a great place to tuck into a picnic!

A feast for the eyes!

Inspiring scenic walks for the whole family. There is an array of panoramic viewpoints within easy walking distance of Payolle, including the Plo del Naou and Lake Arrou.

Unexpected encounters...

Livestock farming is still practised in the area around Payolle to this day, so don’t be surprised to see animals roaming freely! Cows, mules, horses and ponies

Campan and Payolle is brimming with family activities!


In summertime

  • Lou Farfadet treetop adventure trail (specially for kids)
  • Horse and pony rides as well as personal transporter tours
  • Water sports: stand up paddleboard, canoe, pedalo
  • Orienteering to be enjoyed with family or friends: the 7 secrets of Payolle
  • Waymarked MTB circuits
  • Fishing: no matter whether you’re new to fishing or an old hand, come and “tickle” the wild trout in Lake Payolle
  • “Cani-rando”: go hiking with a dog to guide and pull you along!



In wintertime

  • Snowshoe trails amidst glorious scenery
  • Thrilling sledging slopes (from gentle descents with little ‘uns to the most hair-raising!)
  • Dog sledding
  • Making snowmen, snowball fights and fun and games galore…


Campan and Payolle are also …

The restaurants

From mountain inn to light bites, such as pizza or sandwiches, you’ll find something whatever your appetite. You can savour delicious traditional Pyrenean fare in a number of eateries.

An old marble quarry well worth a visit:

Payolle was long renowned for its marble. In fact, the Payolle/Campan marble quarry continued operations right up until the 1990s. Set aside a good hour, at least, for your highly instructive tour of this site. Three thematic trails have been laid out: “fauna and flora”, “path of time” and “geology”. Which one will you go for?  

“The 7 secrets of Payolle”

A fun way to explore Payolle by walking the 6 thematic circuits or the 2 orientation courses of different levels : initiation, intermediate and further training.

Thematic tours : 6 walks of 40 min to 2 h walk to discover the natural and cultural heritage. Orientation courses : circuits to learn about the orientation race or to improve, to be done by walking, running, snowshoeing or mountain biking.

To guide you, you can have orientation maps with instructions, as well as an application (available on Apple and Android) that gives you access to the complete content of the circuits. Download the booklet to discover the circuits  

“Take full advantage of your time in the great outdoors by spending a night in a treehouse… Listen to the sounds of the forest at night, and gaze up at the Milky Way and shooting stars from your window above ground.

Did you know ?

  • Altitude: 1100 metres
  • Site and lake can be accessed by road all year round
  • The footpath around the lake is pushchair-friendly

Good to know

  • the walk takes around 30-40 minutes
  • Visit of the marble quarry from June to September
  • Discover the legend of Payolle

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