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Aquensis, the Bagnères-de-Bigorre spa

Breathe, unwind and let go… you are beneath the wonderful wood and glass nave of Aquensis the Bagnères-de-Bigorre Spa!

A sensory experience

Stop for a moment. Feel the warmth of the water, the bubbles on your skin and the sun’s gentle rays as you breathe in the aromas of the wood. Soak up the peace and quiet around you Imagine every muscle of your body relaxing and the deep re-energising of your whole being. Because the first priority is to feel good about yourself, well in your body. The aquapass gives access to the entire Aquensis spa area, including the Jacuzzis on the roof, for a duration of 2 hours. And if you’d like to prolong the pleasure, or take a complete break from your usual hectic routine, then make the most of our spa or beauty getaway packages, on your own or as a couple!

Thermoludic area

2 hours of relaxation

Relaxation in all its forms

The baths

The Aquensis relaxation area invites you to come and enjoy the Bagnères-de-Bigorre thermal waters in a 300 sq.m. pool. This water has been renowned for its pain-relieving, soothing and relaxing properties since ancient times! properties since ancient times!

  • test the sprays,
  • go through the water curtain,
  • let the water jets or swan neck fountains massage you
  • slip into a whirlpool pool
  • swim against the counter-current jets…
  • retreat into your own “bubble” by listening to music played under the water, perfect for switching off …

Are you enjoying the feeling of profound relaxation washing over you?


From Finland to the East

If you fancy woody, spicy fragrances, the steam room will transport you to the Orient. Why not treat yourself to a mint tea while you’re there, against an exotic musical backdrop, for an all-round sensual experience! If the dry heat of the Sauna is more your cup of tea than the humid warmth of the hammam, then there are two traditional Finnish saunas available.  


The Aquensis team of beauty and relaxation therapists are entirely devoted to your physical and mental well-being. The elegant setting of theTreatment Area gives pride of place to beauty and peace of mind. Go on, pamper yourself and listen to your body… Massages, exfoliating scrubs, thermal showers, mud baths…You’re in the right place for indulging in a spot of TLC for yourself for once! Aquensis can also cater to women’s nail beauty and makeup essentials too. Other spa or massage packages have been specially designed for couples, or parents who would like to be able to share some downtime with their children.


Are you looking for something more active, like a fitness class (Pilates, stretching, Zumba or biking for example), a cardio-training session or perhaps aquagym or aquabiking? You can use our fitness area all year round, by booking into a group or one-to-one session.

3 allée Tournefort 65200

05 62 95 50 71

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