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Health spas & Wellness

The country of well-being is here, in the heart of the Pyrenees, the Tourmalet Pic du Midi.

And yes, for a relaxing holiday where the pleasure of idleness and well-being would be kings, come to Bagneres de Bigorre !

Well-being and Pyrenees, welcome to Bagnères de Bigorre

 If you are looking for a well-being destination, it is in Bagnères de Bigorre that you have to come ! With its Aquensis center, it is THE balneo destination of the Pyrenees. Everything is made forpleasures of body and mind.

This spa is a unique place that mixs wood, marble and of course, thermal water.

Swimming / relaxing in the warm waters, massages, beauty treatments … it’s up to you. And why choose ?

And why choose ?

Mix balneo and “live well” with ease

Allow yourself moments to walk quietly on the trails around Bagnères or around the lake Payolle,

Take a break reading in the shade of a tree or at the edge of a stream, take the time to listen to the song of birds.

Come enjoy the calm of villages, markets, meet craftsmen

Enjoy a concert of music on the terrace while enjoying your favorite drink … These are all precious moments that will boost your serenity.

Find your balance !

With the balnéo, the well-being also passes by moments favorable to the relaxation.

You can recharge your batteries, be pampered by our wellness practitioners, relax under the expert hands of professional masseurs, enjoy a yoga session in an enchanting garden or under a yurt …

The choice is wide.


It is not by chance that the Pyrenees are a balneotherapy destination of excellence.

Bagnères is no exception to the rule !

Indeed, as early as Roman times these naturally warm and beneficial waters were used to soothe and heal. Lamartine, Rossini and Jeanne d´Albret were among its most fervent followers. When it comes to Montaigne, he even praises it in his essays. The quality of the thermal waters is not the only asset that makes Bagnères the well-being destination in the Pyrenees! There is also the fact that ..

  • You can contemplate superb landscapes conducive to letting go
  • The people are welcoming, kind and you feel very much at home
  • We get out of the routine. There are so many unusual and unique moments to experience
  • We take the time to live, we respect our rhythm and there are many relaxation spots …

Our little advice for enjoying the benefits of your balneotherapy getaway when you get back:

To calmly resume the road to work.

To avoid stressing and risk losing the benefits of these precious moments, prepare for a smooth start to the school year. Do not put an important meeting in your agenda the week you resume, postpone them until the following week. You will be able to gradually return to your daily life.

The wellness offers are rich and varied, you choose according to your expectations and your affinities.

Sure, you will be delighted !

3 allée Tournefort 65200

05 62 95 50 71

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