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Haute-Bigorre Gastronomy 

The mountain air makes you hungry ! it’s good, the Tourmalet Pic du Midi offers a lot of gastronomic specialties


Taste the specialties of Haute-Bigorre gastronomy

They are at the height of South-West gastronomy. Rustic cuisine of mountain inns and local gastronomy revisited for more contemporary agreements, here tradition and modernity blend together ! Do not miss the market of Bagnères-De-Bigorre, it will surprise you by the diversity of its local products, for some very famous, for others more confidential …


Sweet or savory, our culinary specialties are delicious !

Onion of Trebons

An onion with elongated shape very characteristic and with a deliciously sweet tasteIt is consumed raw, in very thin slices in a green salad or cooked, grilled or confit according to taste. A must, to put all the sauces !

Black pig of Bigorre (le noir de Bigorre)

The bigorre black pig is a breed that almost disappeared. who was saved

For the pleasure of our taste buds; it is a tasty meat, very tender and marbled.


The calf raised under the mother

This calf is raised in our farms, outdoors and head at will from his mother’s milk and receives all the attention of the breeder. This is what gives you meat of exceptional quality. A red label (Label Rouge) rewards this quality. Did you know that this is the first Red Label in the meat sector ?

The carrot of Asté (La carotte d'Asté)

It is the sandy land of this village that has made it a hotbed of carrot culture. In June, come celebrate this carrot of a beautiful bright orange in the charming village of Asté enjoying a stew or a plate of Vichy carrots.

The pie

Blueberries, chocolate or simply nature, the pie is part of these simple pleasures that we appreciate even better in the countryside ! A very simple recipe, close to cakes, which owes its quality to the quality of its ingredients. So, do you prefer the Baronnies, Montgaillard or Asté ?

The Gâteau à la broche (cake on the spit)

“Carved” over a wood fire, the spit cake is as delicious as it is long to make … The opportunity to sit by the fire and chat a few hours ! Like the pie, the imposing spit cake is made up of simple and healthy ingredients that delight young and old alike !

And plenty of other sweet treats

Candies and chocolates at our chocolate artisans…

Buy live from the producer...

To find out what you have on your plate, go to meet the producers ! Our region is full of local producers, farmers, breeders or craftsmen, who welcome you with open arms to make you visit their farm or their workshop. They will make you taste their products in the conviviality and the good humor ! And you will be able to leave with in your shopping bag a sample of art of living of the South-West


HaPy Saveur, to eat fresh and local

Check out the HaPy Saveurs label ! It is a quality brand that highlights the restaurants and shops that offer and sublimate local products throughout the year.

The delicacies are in nature

At Tourmalet-Pic du Midi, gastronomy is also found in the nature !

While walking on our footpaths and forests, you may find mushrooms (ceps, chanterelles, morels …), garlic bears, elderberry, licorice, but also berries (blueberries and blackberries). Be careful however : if you have any doubt, prefer to buy these products at the market : if it’s the season, they will be there!

Make your market !

Every Saturday morning

You will meet many local producers at the Bagnères-de-Bigorre market. A real country market, where we meet young farmers engaged and peasant with some bouquets of flowers

And where we come to buy the fresh seasonal products, all around the halls. Enter this beautiful Baltard-style building to find a verylively atmosphere: this is where bagnérais (the inhabitants of Bagnères ) like to meet for a drink, nibble or even sing together…

To eat without moderation, our local products will delight your taste buds. Taste, enjoy the flavors of our terroir !

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