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Baronnies and valleys of the Pyrenées

Discover the true personality of the Tourmalet-Pic du Midi destination: a strong identity based on authenticity and quality of life.

Wander through our valleys

From the vast Vallée de Campan to the lesser-known Vallée de Lesponne. Lose yourself on roads that wind through the green rolling landscapes of the Baronnies region…

An enchanting break in the Vallée de Lesponne

Fall under the spell of this pastoral valley nestled at the base of the Pic du Midi, boasting a scattering of barns which are full of character.

Set off on footpaths among forests, streams and waterfalls. Climb all the way to the legendary Lac Bleu, one of the deepest lakes in the Pyrenees. Enjoy an excellent view fromthe imposing Pic du Montaigu.

In family mode, opt for atreetop adventure course, loved by kids and adults alike! Take a gourmet break at Miniquette (one toque in the Gault & Millau restaurant guide) or one of the valley’s many inns. If you’re lucky (or plan ahead!), you can celebrate local traditions with the inhabitants of this unspoilt valley. What do you say to a “Pastet” party, named after a delightfully rustic dessert from the Central Pyrenees which is made from cornmeal and milk. 

Unless you’d prefer to attend the fête de la châtaigne (chestnut festival) or a large country fete ? Spend a night (or longer if you like) in one of the many chic and authentic bed & breakfasts or a stunning fully equipped resort.

Sport and nature in the Vallée de Campan

Check out the whole host of opportunities offered by the Vallée de Campan. Green landscapes unfurl before your eyes, populated in summer by grazing herds… 3, 2, 1, go!

The Vallée de Campan will be an excellent site for your hikes or snowshoeing treks. When it comes tomountain bikes, a variety of itineraries for all levels await all year round.

Cast your line in the mountain streams and lakes: there are too many fishing spots to count ! Stop at Lac de Payolle for a picnic in the shade of the pine trees of this “Little Canada”, make the most of its wide open spaces and range of activities for everyone !

Be surprised by the Mounaques de Campan ! These life-size dolls are one more reason totake a stroll around this typical village.

The timeless Baronnies region

Unplug and let yourself be transported into a wholly separate green spacetime, that of the Baronnies region. Do you dare turn off your GPS and set off at random from intersections along charming roads providing a new viewpoint every time you turn a corner ?

Adventure into the Gourgue d’Asque, a deep valley that is so lush it is nicknamed the Amazon rainforest of the Pyrenees. A nature discovery trail will enable you to get to know this landscape imbued with strangeness and thick moss on the trees… Expect to see fairies and elves suddenly appear !

The generosity of nature can also be seen underground : the vast Gouffre d’Esparros cave will unveil its magnificent aragonite and calcite concretions, while, right by the Grottes de Labastide, the Espace Préhistoludique will immerse you in the daily lives of prehistoric men and women.

A whole host of completely unforgettable highland hiking trails, like those leading to the Signal de Bassia or the Casque de Lhéris, from where you get a bird’s-eye view of the Baronnies region.

On each hill, you will spot a farm or a hamlet, nestled at the foot of the mountains. The farms in the Baronnies region have authentic charm, providing a place to recharge your batteries, far from the world. They also produce a whole host of crafts and fine foods (including sheep and goat cheeses, spit cake, Tourte des Baronnies cake and fruit juices) which you can try when you chance upon one of these farms !

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