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Hiking in the Pyrenees, an authentic experience

Laurent Bioret

Laurent Bioret

Go to the mountains

Setting off into the mountains means discovering the feelings, emotions and stories that it conveys – if you know how to look and listen. It offers unique moments: the way the light falls, the company of a stream, the flight of a bearded vulture, the warning of a Pyrenean chamois, the scent of a daphne, a sunset at the Pic du Midi and more.

If you follow in my footsteps, you won’t miss out on these riches.

a region of freedom

The mountain is a region of freedom, which is rich in biodiversity, and you don’t have to cross vast distances to explore it.

The high mountain of the Pic du Midi, the 140 lakes of the Massif du Néouvielle with its granitic soil that influences the vegetation, there is a wide choice of hikes each more surprising than the last.

My hikes offer itineraries in a variety of landscapes, and we will choose an excursion according to your expectations. Whether hiking for a day or several days with overnight stays in a bivouac, we take the time so that every moment is fun, so that you can see what a gift it is to be there.

©Laurent Bioret
©Laurent Bioret

A diversity of very rich backgrounds

From the valley, inhabited by humans, to the high mountain, via the Col du Tourmalet, the Vallée de Campan and Vallée de Barèges right to Gavarnie, there is a range of environments teeming with life offering a wide variety of plant and animal species.

The Massif des Baronnies, which is somewhat neglected when we talk about the region, is a smaller massif that should not be missed. The hikes there are gentler, and each col offers a unique view of the Pyrenees mountains from viewpoints perched up high.

la vallée, habitée par l’homme, à la haute montagne, en passant par le col du Tourmalet, les vallées de Campan et de Barèges jusqu’à Gavarnie, c’est une diversité de milieux riches de vie offrant une grande variété d’espèces animales et végétales.

Le massif des Baronnies, dont on parle peu, est un massif moins haut, à découvrir absolument. Les randonnées y sont plus douces où au passage de chaque col une vue unique sur les montagnes des Pyrénées s’offre en balcon.

Tourmalet Pic du Midi,a central situation

From Tourmalet-Pic du Midi, it is easy to explore the whole département.

The central location of Bagnères de Bigorre and La Mongie provides the ideal place to stay and the perfect base for travelling around.

You can also enjoy all the activities and discover the heritage riches offered by our towns and villages.

©Laurent Bioret

If you want an enriching experience providing a complete change of scenery, let me guide you through the mountains that I love, that feed my soul!

tu veux vivre une expérience dépaysante et enrichissante, laisse-toi guider à travers ces montagnes qui me nourrissent et que j’aime tant !

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