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Artahe’s caravan is a tremendous time machine

Delphine & Chris

Delphine & Chris


“Artahe’s caravan is a tremendous time machine, stimulating the imaginations of young and old alike.”

 An immersion in nature

 We set up Artahe Voyage Muletier to share our love of the mountain and wide open spaces, and to give you another way to think about life amid unspoilt nature.

To provide you with the chance to experience this immersion in nature, we take you trekking with our mule caravan. Immersed in this setting with the mules carrying your luggage in packsaddles and the Pyrenees as a backdrop, you can feel the magic and a whole host of images spring to mind: explorers of yesteryear, pioneers seeking gold and adventure, trappers crossing the border to sell skins and fur and more besides.

Travel light thanks to our mules

Our four mules carry everything: the spacious and comfortable tents, food from local producers which will be cooked on-site each day and your belongings. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and welcoming. As a result, you can access isolated areas of the mountain without overexerting yourself physically: you don’t have to carry a heavy backpack, and, thanks to our comfortable camp, you will enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. 

Live in the moment

All our guests share the same memory of their Artahe experience: that of being cut off from the daily routine, of living in the moment to the point of no longer caring what day or time it is.

Worries are left behind in the valley; the mountain shares its energy and lets you appreciate the true value of simple shared moments. 

Artahe adapts to suit everyone’s needs and is designed for all with a whole host of themed stays on offer: discovery, trekking, camping and training ranging from two days to over a week, whether you go with family, friends or alone to form new friendships.

No matter what, the Artahe caravan provides wonderful trips, during which you will truly disconnect from your daily life. 

The Artahe Voyage Muletier team is waiting to hear from you! 

3 allée Tournefort 65200

05 62 95 50 71

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